Thursday, 13 September 2012

Prawn Pepper Fry & Cafreal Prawns (Double Bonanza)

Ingredients : 
Prawns -250(cleaned, deveined with the tail end retained)
Green chilli- 4
Shallots-15(or 1 red onion)
Curry leaves- 3sprigs (that's the tasty bit)
Copra/Dessicated Coconut-3 tbsp
Pepper powder-1 tsp
Red chilli powder-1 tsp
Turmeric powder-1/2tsp
Oil-as reqd
Salt-as rqd

Marinate the prawns with chilli powder,turmeric powder,pepper powder and salt.Pound ginger,garlic and green chilles.
You may use a mincer as well.But do not grind into paste.
Heat oil in a wok. Add the Curry leaves,and onion.
Saute till onions become brown.
Now add the ginger-garlic-green chilli mixture.
Saute till you get a fine aroma.
Now add the marinated prawns along with the masala.
Add more salt if required.
Fry it till the prawns look brownish say for 2-3 minutes.
Do not over cook prawns.
Finally add the copra pieces or the dessicated coconut and serve it hot with rice /chappathi

Warning: Control your temptation to pop the prawns into your mouth, you are very likely to end up with an empty plate before serving!!;)


My version of Cafreal Masala (Specially for Prawns)  

½ cup Coriander leaves.
2 inch Ginger  
4 Green Chillies
8 Peppercorns  
6 Garlic cloves.
1 inch Cinnamon
1 Teaspoon Jeera
2 tbl spn Goan Vinegar or a lime ball sized Tamarind made to paste
4 Cloves
Salt to taste.
Grind the above to a paste.

500 gms Prawns - Shelled and deveined
Onion 1 large diced.
2 Tablespoon oil
Sugar 1 teaspoon.

Marinade Prawns with the paste and leave aside overnight.

Add oil to a thick bottomed pan.
Stir fry the marinaded prawns along with diced onion for 5 mins. 
Add a teaspoon of sugar, some more chopped green coriander and stir fry for another 3-4 mts, serve hot.

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