Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Kohinoor Chicken

1kg boneless Chicken,
2tsp Ginger& Garlic crushed,
1/4tsp Chilli powder,
Salt & Pepper,
1-2 pinches Garam masala,
1-2 pinches Saffron/saffron food colour,
2 tbsp Flour,
4-5 sprigs of Mint,
2 sprigs of curry leaves
2-4 Red chillies
oil for frying.

Preparation :-Cut chicken into 3-4 cm pieces/strips,pick mint leaves for garnishing,chop onions & herbs.


Marinate chicken by adding ginger & garlic ,salt ,pepper,chilli powder 1 tsp lemon juice , garam masala & saffron. Now roll chicken pieces into flour to coat n seal the flavours of the chicken & deep fry it in a large pan / kadhai in 2-3 divisions untill golden brown & crisp.

In a separate pan add some oil or butter add broken red chillies ,mint leaves fry it for a minute & take it out in a small plate to be used later for garnishing, separating from the oil-leaving the oil in the pan, now, in the same oil, put in the chopped onion add some ginger & garlic to the pan ,add tomato juice/puree & Fresh cream (or coconut milk) optional.

Add the chicken pieces to the pan adjusting the amount of salt & pepper by tasting , mix it well until the gravy is very well absorbed into the chicken. Add chopped herbs ,put it into the serving dish & add the prepared garnish .

Enjoy your chicken with Mutter pulao or Butter naan.

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