Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Spicy Crabs

Though most like a Crab in gravy, or stuffed, both of these recipes are on my blog, this time I thought I would do a Dry variation of Crab. 

Depending on the Size, the below works for around 1 Kg of crabs! Take the shells of and clean the crabs. 

In a wok, season  
1/2 tsp mustard seeds, 6-8 curry leaves and a finely chopped onion in a table spoon of oil, in that sequence, adding a teaspoon of Tamarind paste once the onion has turned translucent. Add the washed and drained crabs to the seasoning. 

Lightly roast and grind to paste: 
2 tbsp Coriander seeds, 6 to 7 pods of Garlic, 1/4 tsp Fenugreek seeds, 1/2 tsp Cumin seeds , 1 1/2 tsp Poppy seeds, 1/4 tsp Mustard seeds, 10 to 12 Kashmiri Chillies, 1/2 cup grated Coconut. 

Add the paste over the simmering crabs and let it cook, Mix well and if any water is left over let it dry while stirring over high flame.

Enjoy your Spicy Crabs, too bad the picture did not come out as well as it should have! 


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