Saturday, 14 September 2013

Southern Fried Chicken with mixed peppers and pasta

Hi! Most of you would be familiar with this, well at least the chicken part but I gave a Goan Twist to it! 

Make deep cuts across the chicken thighs (better then chicken breast as they remain moist and  juicer) I a bowl mix plain flour, salt, pepper and Xacuti masala. For those of you that do not have it, you can use any seasoning like Garam Masala! 

Dust the flour mix over the thighs, pat it deep into the cuts. 

Drizzle Olive oil over the battered thighs

Shallow fry them in a pan to brown the crust

Once browned on both sides, place them on a tray and into the oven, 180 degree for 1/2 hour

This is an interesting product I came across which I will use in my mixed peppers! 

Chopped peppers, chicken stalk, mixed herbs all in a pan over high flame! 

Once reduced down till dry, top up with the bacon bits! 

Plate it up with pasta, (with you favorite pasta sauce)  and the chicken! 

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