Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Chorizo and Chicken

This is what I would call a Goan fusion dish!. Chicken with Goan Sausages! The Vinegar and spice of the sausages gives a lovely tangy taste to the normally bland chicken! If for some reason the sausages are overly dry, you could add a spoon of Masala.

Cut the sausage from the guy, and saute with chopped onion, I have used two large onions here, and about 8 "beads" of sausage. 

Once the sausage has given our a bit of its fat and the onion is translucent add cubed potatoes and fry well.

Depending on the variety of potatoes used, say about 5 mins it should be ready for the chicken to go in.

Mix the chicken well and let it brown a bit.

Depending on the consistency you like, add water and if need be a spoon of Rechiado masala.

It goes so well with white rice! 

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  1. Herman, this looks really delicious. What a coincidence, I posted a Chorizo recipe today too :)