Thursday, 22 November 2012

Prawn, Ham and Egg in a Smoked Paprika batter!

One of my most innovative and pictorial post in the whole of my blog! One of my post prized recipes ever!

The photos say it all and yet will explain a bit!

                                     9 Amazing prawns 3 for Anula, 3 for Chayton and 3 for me!

                                     Don't they look so yummy like this?

                                  Dice some hard boiled eggs and place them over the prawns

                                     Open a tin of any brand of Ham, I used the one above!

                                       Place long slices over the hard boiled eggs as shown above

        Now toast a slice of bread, cut it into half and place the prawn/egg/ham over the bread

                              Make a batter of Cornflour, salt, pepper and smoked paprika powder.

          Dip the toasted bread,prawn,egg and ham into the thick batter as as shown above

        Shallow fry them in about 1 inch deep oil, while constantly scooping hot oil over the prawns

                                                      Now tell me can you resist that?


  1. Awesome, got to try this one for sure. New meaning to Spam...

  2. Awesome got to try this for sure. New meaning to Spam...